About The Healer


Ashadah Renee

Reiki Master - Spiritual/Holistic Coach - Meditation

Ashadah Renee is a certified Reiki Practitioner with specialties working with Crystals, Chakras healing, Distance Reiki, and other techniques to enhance deeper healing. She is also certified in Group Chakra Healing Meditation Guidance and Spiritual Life Coaching.

She was called or felt awakened to be a healer and created a safe space online and in person for people of color and those that have a difficult time releasing stress and pressures of life.

Besides healing, she is a self taught intuitive artist. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Fashion Studies from Montclair State University and is currently working towards her dream of helping and healing, an art gallery, and to create a fashion line. 

Visit Art Website: ashadahillustrations.com

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