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My Goal with Healing My Community

Too often in history, the Melinated and POC (people of color) communities have been shunned, segregated and look down upon in society. This healing page and space is for those that need a connection to someone that understands and can heal them in those areas, connect them back to their spiritual roots, and gain more self healing in a world that did not give them the chance to. 

Being a Melinated Queen myself, it is hard for me to Spiritually connect with those that are not in the same community as me, (naturally) and it will hurt me knowing that I did not heal my own people first. I choose to focus my healing on this community because our spiritual history was taken away from us, we forgot how to connect with ourselves and lack the general knowledge to do so. Community is very important, so is connection.

There is a lack of healing spaces comfortable enough for the Melinated & POC community. Often times we visit retreats, join groups and more, but are the only ones in the same room or surrounded by those that cannot relate to them. Nor are the issues of the Melinated and POC communities are ever discussed in those spaces we seek for help in aid personal growth and guidance. Majority of the "westernized" spiritual practices are from the heart of African practices and those ideals were also colonized by other cultures and societies. It is very hard to find Melinated Healers and Spiritual Assistance, which is why I created this space, Soulistic Healings. 

ASE ASE - Ashadah Austin