Experiencing Low Energy During Mercury Retrograde?

As one of the smallest planets in our solar system, mercury sure packs a punch during retrogrades. Mercury Retrograde occurs 3 times in a year for about 3 weeks at a time.

Sometimes You Can Experience:

  1. Sleepiness with weird dreams and some nights of insomnia.

  2. Break ups with the boo and friends

  3. Confrontation, unhealthy events, depression, grief.

  4. Universal lessons to help ascend yourself.

  5. Extreme manifestations, the minute you think about something or someone, it happens.

  6. Your energy being sucked out as if you lived with a vampire.

  7. Zombie-like day of life.

As a healer and jack of many trades within healing, I experience the retrograde differently. There are days that I am really tired, but I rejuvenate in a soothing bath, drink natural fruits for energy, follow an eating lifestyle like pescatarian or vegetarian, and get plenty of sun.

When healing others, no matter what day or time, I have to always feel my best, take care of myself, and help heal others. A healer cannot heal if they are not healed, so I have to constantly fight outside forces the universe throws at me to keep going and moving forward in my practice.

Self Care

The retrograde can be a reminder for self care, and to put yourself first. Take the time for you, take care of you, and allow yourself to grow in that mindset.

So I challenge you during this time, to build your soul strength, restore and improve your journey. What is building your soul strength?

  1. Self Care with affirmations

  2. Taking care of your necessities in a timely manner

  3. Meditation, walks in nature, journaling your experiences and thoughts.

  4. Surrounding yourself with likeminded people that appreciate you, or cutting off those that want nothing to do with you.

  5. Move your body, dance, exercise, stretch.

  6. Eat something energizing and healthy, feed yourself with life to feel alive.

  7. Receive a healing session with reiki, massage, spa day, medi/pedi ect.

Mercury Retrograde is Also A Time For Self Reflection

These are some questions you can ask yourself. Think about what you truly need to gain from this time in your soul. Think about the feelings of your goals, rather than the goals itself. Think about the colors, the words, the emotions you feel when reading these questions. Trust yourself for that answer to come when the time is right.

  1. How much healing have you done yo improve your mindset & soul?

  2. Do you take the time for yourself to experience release of trauma and to inhale peace?

  3. In what ways have you made that next step forward into releasing what no longer is needed in your life?

  4. Who is adding to your harmony ?

  5. who is adding to your ciaos?

What is your next move forward during the retrograde? Are you ready to improve yourself?

Try a reiki session, meditation, or aura cleanse service with me. If you are unsure, book a consultation and we can talk about how you are feeling, your goals with healing, what you want to improve and more.

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