Fun Full Moon Activities

Planets have been known to create and amplify energy onto the Earth and manifest multiple events like war, tides, werewolves, bring out vampires, show off the crazies and more.

But, the Full Moon is nothing new in the spiritual realm. In fact its one of the best times to practice any rituals or activities.

Here Are Some Rituals and Activities You Can Try:

Charge Your Crystals in The Moonlight

To charge a crystal, you are setting intentions of what the purpose of each crystal is for and placing them in the moonlight to collect energy and to activate them properly with the intentions or healing work.

Keep your crystals in the moonlight for 24hrs or even during a New Moon or Sunlight as well. Doing so will charge them fully. You can use this method with stones and crystals.

Take A Moon Bath

This is just another way to take a walk outside and really let that lunar energy soak into your skin, as if you were sun gazing. Lunar energy is energy from the moon that can help to align your chakras and balance your energies of the shadow self and ego.

The same way the moon will charge a crystal, is similar to how the moon will open your chakras or major energy fields to heal and possibly awaken old energy.

Journaling Intentions to Manifest Goals & Ambitions

If you read my post about journaling, you know how it important it is to focus on intentions and write what you want to manifest. What are you dreams, aspirations, goals in life? Are you having trouble with your shadow self? Is your ego too strong? What are you most grateful for?

These answers will determine where this lunar energy will flow towards and how your life will manifest or transmute these ideas.


Calming the mind and following the breath you take can easily bring in peace and allow the lunar energy to shine through. Meditating with crystals that amplify and bring in an abundance of lunar energy will help to release away the stress and tension leading up to a full moon. Your chakras will also align at a faster rate too.

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