How Can I Grow Spiritually ?

Spirituality has so much subcategories and technicalities, that it can become confusing and even intimidating or scary. When I first learned about having a "spiritual awakening" or opening up your third eye, it was pretty scary to me. It even sounded evil. However, throughout history, many people perceived things they did not know as evil, only because they did not want to learn about it or had the courage to ask about it.

Knowledge is everything, there is no need to be intimidated or afraid of Spirituality, you just have to know what exactly what you are looking for, and how it can enhance your current life. Spirituality can be connected to various religions, or without the practice of religion at all.


One way to start your journey is learning about the major Chakra systems in your body.

Here is the order: Root (Red) , Sacral (Orange), Solar Plexus (Yellow), Heart (Green and can be icy blue and pink), Throat (Blue), Third Eye (Indigo) and Crown Chakra (Violet).

The Root chakra begins at the bottom of your spine, right at your tailbone and when focused in meditation, it represents grounding yourself and to stay rooted in everyday life. The color for this Chakra is red and the element is Earth. To know if you are unbalanced in a chakra, analyze your mental health, intentions, how you react and act everyday. An overactive and unbalanced Root Chakra consist of actions of greed, aggressiveness, unsure or indecisive, carry a lot of anxiety, fear and cynical.

Finding out more about your chakra system in spirituality is very important. Each person that roams earth consists of 114 chakras that are connected to your glands all over your body. Even the Earth has chakras! Without balanced chakras, your energy can be out of control and may need extensive healing.


Encouraging peace and calmness into your life is a great way to grow in your spiritual path. Meditation is one of the best ways to balance your chakras, find inner peace, and relax from stress and anxieties.

Meditation can aid in increasing compassion and understanding as well as patience. With spiritual awakening and growth, it resonates throughout the mind, body and soul. Once you continue that journey with that mindset and lower your barriers, truth will start to unfold.

Steps to Meditation:

  1. In a quiet, peaceful area, sit in a comfy position on the floor, outside in the grass, or on your bed. You can sit crisscross or lay down with your spine as straight as possible.

  2. You can play some gentle meditation music or stay in silence.

  3. Focus your attention on your breath, count your inhales in exhales in 3's ( 1, 2, 3, breathe in, hold it 1, 2, 3, breathe out)

  4. Declutter your mind and think about your breath, your intentions of your spirit, and even focus on your chakras.

There are plenty of helpful guided meditation and free apps to help you stay in a calm state.


Spiritual growth to me is becoming more aware of yourself, your actions, and your life. The best way to analyze yourself during this process is journaling. Think of a diary and everyday you would write an entry about your latest crush, who got you upset, or your hopes and dreams. But with journaling related to your spiritual growth, write entrees about your favorite affirmations, information about chakras, the moon, your birth sign, or even numbers you see all the time.

In my spirit journal, I write a forecast of what the day holds. I found information about the moon phases and how what energy it brings each day and what season it is in, I then write about the days of the week in relation to the chakra system. I also like to write my prayers, and I find out about if the moon is in surrender, gratitude, intention etc. to focus the rest of my energy on in bettering myself.

If you want more info about journaling and how it can help, check out my post about it.

Energy Healing

There are those that have grown spiritually and may feel stumped or stuck. That is when its a great time to visit a healer for your energy or even a Spiritual life coach to help you aid in that growth. A listening ear and proper guidance can show you more truth to yourself and unfold exactly what you need to push you forward.

Energy healing is not just for the spiritual advance, but also for those that are just starting out and need a guide in the right direction. Sometimes there are so many roads, steps and knowledge that is out there, but you have no idea where to begin.

Energy Healing isn't magic using spells and casting away demons, its a practitioner that heals your main charkas, aura, or body system from negative points, hard joints, and releases bad vibes. Some practices has massage mixed into it, physical touch (consensual), can be distance healing for those far away from the practitioner, and so many subcategories.

If you have any questions or could use an energy session or consultation, visit my healing sessions page for more information.

Anyone can grow spiritually, just start with the basics or get back to the basics and work your way up as the truth unfolds to you. Join healing groups, yoga, meditation or sound bowl healing events, visit a crystal store, buy a new journal and write your intentions and desires. Nothing can stop you except for you. Happy Healing.

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