How Journaling Can Improve Your Mood

Journaling Is part of self-care in my everyday routine. I tied it to spiritual growth because self-care is spirituality to me. Journaling is a way of checking in with yourself, especially when you can't depend on others to do so. Once you start journaling everyday, you will begin to discover new and healthy habits that can improve your mood, your health and everyday well being.

I created a short video featured on my Instagram with helpful questions to ask yourself whenever you are feeling down about your day.

So When You are feeling down, you can try out the questions in the video above. Some other ideas you can write in your daily journal in statements of gratitude.

Gratitude is to be thankful and grateful for what you have, where you are, who you love etc.

An example would be:

" I am thankful to be alive, to breathe, to wake up with the sun on my face, and be able to touch, eat and sleep. I love the earth, and the environment I'm in, I am excited about exploring it today, and can't wait to see what my day will bring."

There is not wrong or right way to journal, as long as you continue to write out your thoughts, ponder about your day/night, and keep up a healthy habit to bring more awareness about your well-being.

Take time to choose a journal or notebook you are attracted to, find the best writing utensils that can never get you upset and works like a charm, then finally, you can add more elements to make your journaling exciting:

- Stickers

- Ribbons

- Create a calendar

- Create pictures describing how you feel or your day

- Use different colored pens/pencils/markers for entries.

Improving your mood with journaling all depends on you and how much you want to improve. Taking a couple minutes out of the day to really sit with yourself, and be with yourself can really change everything. Writing down your emotions, concerns, worries, happiness, joys, and experiences can is already the first step to increasing your well-being, which will then help to bring a lighter mood.

Happiness is not always easy to acquire, but with guidance and healthy mental habits, this goal of happiness can and will be reached.

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