What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki is another form of therapy, but for the energy centers in your body, physical pain, diseases, and spiritual journey.

Reiki is a healing technique used to help with your energy field. The healer uses life force energy through their hands and allow the energy to flow into the patient's body. This will help heal the chakras, aura, physical pain in some areas and even your spiritual journey!

Balance and harmony is a goal for many these days. Reiki can help improve your everyday life of stress and anxiety. Treatment processes are very relaxing when you begin.

I usually like to start my patients with meditation sessions to allow the thoughts to clear out of the head a bit. This process is also great for setting positive intentions and loosening up the body so that reiki energy can enter and heal.

This will also cause the body to open its chakras depending on the meditation and primary focus of the pain or concern for the treatment.

Reiki is great for those that are struggling in their spiritual journey. If you are going through a lot of hardship, stress, don't have mental clarity and dealing with physical pain, this can be a result of spiritual growing pains or a need for a spiritual detox.

Reiki can reduce depression and anxiety, helping to calm the mind and detach the spirit from factors that can harm the body. Reiki has the ability to heal physical pain, mental factors and even traumas from experience depending on how long the sessions are and how open to communication the practitioner is with intentions of the energy.

Crystals are used in reiki to increase healing treatments and protect the room from external energy that is unwanted for the session. Other elements are used as well when I treat patients like sage, incense, candles and sprays for aromatherapy.

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