What is Reiki Healing?

Don't be afraid of the unknown, once you understand how it works, there will be nothing to fear. 

Reiki Healing is using universal energy to heal. It contains multiple techniques to initiate healing responses within the body. This process is used to treat physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and even past traumatic experiences. Reiki is a great way to include with a holistic lifestyle that can assist aiding in the healing process.

Meditation is another way of healing the energy field around you and to ensure more positive results in your everyday life. This can help with your mental state, change your view on life, and lead to happier emotions with higher vibrations. I make sure to include meditation in the beginning of my sessions with each client to have a better relaxing experience. 

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My Approach

Reiki Sessions

This session will normally take place in person. The atmosphere of the room will be relaxing and calm, I will have crystals, candles and meditative music playing with natural or low lighting to ensure your time with me is peaceful and calm. This option also allows me to use crystals directly on you or with the session to increase the healing. I can also reveal what I found during the session. Sometimes these can be messages from your spirit guides, higher self, your energy state, numbers, animals, insects, and I will provide further analysis. But I am only the messenger, not the answer to your message. This answer will be revealed to you in divine timing.

Distance Reiki Sessions

Video chat and long distance healing is a wonderful addition to reiki healers. Luckily I received my certification to be a distance healer and create the best sacred space for you to enjoy. Reiki is Life Force Energy that can be acquired and sent anywhere I intend it to. You will feel some effects later after the session, or notice positive changes happening in your personal life. It will probably feel like A.S.M.R. with the music and  hand movements.

My Approach Continued

Meditation & Chakra Healing

I love meditating before a healing session to clear up any built excitement and stress for the session. When trying something new or after a long week, we built up anxious low vibrations, so in order for me to proceed, we need a meditation moment to relax and calm you down. I also specialize in healing your chakras, one on one or in a group session.