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Ashadah Renee

Reiki Master Spiritual Coach Meditation Guide

“You have to plan and cultivate good health. You have to commit to good health. You have to live good health because it comes from the inside out. It comes from what you bring to your life: positive, empowering thoughts, prayers and affirmations, uplifting company, and high-quality, life-giving foods. To have excellent health you must invest time and energy into the transformation of your Sacred Body Temple"

- Queen Afua - Sacred Woman

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is using universal energy to heal. I use the form of Reiki and multiple subcategories of it to heal clients. Reiki contains multiple techniques to initiate healing responses within the body. Reiki is used to treat physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and even past traumatic experiences. 

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Benefits of Reiki Energy Sessions

Reiki has so many benefits and all of it is to help you grow in different aspects of your life!​

  • Promotes Harmony & Balance in Your Physical and Spiritual Life

  • Relaxation and Relief

  • Improved Mental Clarity 

  • Releases Spiritual Toxins

  • Can Help Grow or Start Your Spiritual Awakening 


Reiki Healing & Chakra Meditation Session

“I felt weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel a lot more at peace and relaxed. I've been going through a lot and I haven't really been able to ease my mind and focus. Now I feel like I can. I feel a lot more motivated to do everything I've been afraid of."

- Nicole B.

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