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Begin your journey to restoring your soul. Reclaim your energy and power with guidance to manifest the life you desire.

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Distance Reiki Session

" Ashadah has beautiful energy and I feel blessed to have experienced her gift. It was my first time receiving reiki and I can’t wait to do it again. "

-Yodalis M

Distance Reiki Session

" My session with Ashadah was wonderful. We had a nice guided meditation and a sound bowl session before we started the reiki and that helped to really get me to relax and prepare myself for the rest of the session. The reiki was amazing and so relaxing, it did not make a difference that it wasn’t in person, it felt exactly the same."

- Holda A.

Reiki Session

" During the session I felt really relaxed and I even fell asleep. She was very nice and kind, plus she made sure I was very comfortable throughout the treatment. "

- Luigi G.

“ To have excellent health you must invest time and energy into the transformation of your Sacred Body Temple"

- Queen Afua - Sacred Woman

The Healer

Ashadah Austin

Certified Reiki Master Practitioner - Spiritual Advisor - Meditation Guide 

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Healing Services
Tools for your growth and well being. 
Manifest your divine self and add to your self
love regimen.

Guided Meditation 

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Reiki Healing

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Oracle Readings

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Meditation is beneficial for relaxation, reducing stress, and to balance your energy. Increase your intuition and connect.
Wipe away the past, stress & anxiety to include new and flourishing energy. Detox your spirit. 
Access an understanding of your energy, aura, and ways to improve yourself.
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